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Endless Opportunities A Good VDR Can Bring for Clinical Studies

Virtual data rooms are gaining popularity in all the industrial, business and governmental spheres. Being a constantly accessible digital repository, a VDR becomes an efficient space where authorized users can store, exchange and discuss documents and execute deals and transactions. A sphere of biotechnology licensing and clinical studies is not an exception. These industries adopted VDRs and benefit from the features inherent to the service.

First of all, VDRs are characterized with a complex security system that eliminates the risk of data leakage and misuse. Clinical studies are usually connected with highly confidential trial results, research findings and also with private data of the patients which should be protected. At the same time, clinical trial discoveries and confidential licensing information need to be shared from time to time with representatives of other life science companies as well as with the multiple prospective licensing partners. Thus, a controversial situation occurs: the company’s intellectual property is supposed to be protected and, simultaneously, shared and discussed with selected groups of stakeholders. Virtual data rooms help to solve this riddle by providing secure space accessible only on the basis of special permission and user verification.

Utilization of a VDR allows a study to be completed quicker as a study team can communicate with each other and with the participants in a secure real-time environment. A VDR allows sharing and discussing research results 24/7 worldwide. In addition, such VDR function as Q&A section gives the authorized users right to exchange thoughts, questions, and answers and, thus, to maintain a smooth and meaningful conversation on the research topic and outcome.

As leakage of clinical studies results might lead to the unexpected and even dangerous outcome such data should be under strict and intent supervision. Virtual data rooms are facilitated with an activity tracking feature: regular audit reports contain information on who did what and how long for in the room. Thus, all the study participants can be sure that not a single action inside a VDR would remain unnoticed. In a case of certain misunderstandings, such a report can be used as evidence that has legal power.

An additional advantage of a VDR exploitation during clinical studies is connected with reduction of resource expenses. There is no need in business trips aimed at discussion of the study’s results: all the data and comments on it can be shared in a VDR. Hence, travel expenses are eliminated. In addition, constant availability of the information stored in a virtual data room means that the study participants can examine the data whenever and wherever it is convenient for them: a VDR eliminates time and space obstacles and speeds up the trial.

Thus, a virtual data room constitutes secure and easy to navigate and operate environment that facilitates clinical studies. Numerous vendors on the market offer their services, but not every VDR can be treated as qualitative and reliable enough for storage and exchange of confidential clinical information. iDeals belong to the top-10 providers that managed to gain a reputation of respectful and trustworthy vendors. During the last eight years, they were providing highly secure and efficient virtual data rooms for reasonable prices. VDRs offered by iDeals are enhanced with the strong security system, user-friendly interface, advanced search features and various others. Being a decent VDR provider iDeals is capable of providing customized solutions demanded for clinical studies.

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